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Adobe Illustrator
“The Adobe Illustrator is the most used software for designing images and enhance Web publishing. The course covers all the tools and functionalities in a simple format.”

Acquired Skills:

At the end of this course the student will have acquired the skills to master the principal tools, 3D graphics editing and various image outcomes.



Duration of the Course

The course will be completed in 3 weeks or on average in 16 hours.

Curriculum Material

The language and teaching techniques are geared to the course’s final use. It includes explanatory exercises and videos.

Course Topics:

  • Choosing Adobe Illustrator workspace
  • Opening an Adobe Illustrator File
  • The Adobe Illustrator Document window
  • Using Artboards in Illustrator
  • Navigating multiple artboards
  • Using the new Artboards panel
  • Creating New Artboards
  • Switching screen modes
  • Changing your view
  • Preview versus Outlines
  • Zooming Scrolling
  • Scrolling with the Hand Tool
  • Changing views with the Navigator panel
  • The Tools Panel
  • The Control Panel
  • Custom Workspaces


  • Using the Shape tools
  • Repositiong and visually resizing the shapes
  • Finding or changing the shape's dimensions using the Transform panel
  • Rotating and shearing using the Transform panel
  • Constraining a shape in Illustrator
  • Entering exact dimensions
  • Selecting artwork
  • Helpful keyboard shortcuts for selections
  • Overview of the selection tools
  • Using the transform tools Illustrator
  • Adding a fill color
  • Cutting and pasting objects
  • Moving objects from one layer to another

Adding Color

  • Basics of Appearance panel
  • Changing colors in Adobe Illustrator
  • Adding Effects in Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating a colorful Illustrator
  • Using Live Paint
  • Saving a set of colors as a group
  • Global Color
  • Creating a color group from selected colors
  • Using the Color panel in Adobe Illustrator

Working with Drawing Tools

  • Working with the Pen Tool
  • Drawing straight, and curved lines
  • Drawing hinged curves
  • Drawing curved lines to straight lines
  • Manually tracing images in Adobe Illustrator
  • Placing an image as a template in Adobe Illustrator
  • Other Illustrator drawing tools
  • Using the Line Segment and Arc Tools
  • Using the Pencil, Smooth and Path Eraser tools
  • Using the Eraser tool
  • Editing existing paths
  • Adding and removing points

Exploring Additional Color Options

  • Adding tonal values with gradients
  • Customizing an existing gradient
  • Saving the gradient
  • Applying a second instance of the gradient
  • Using the Gradient Panel
  • Updating a gradient
  • Creating and using patterns
  • Creating a bounding box
  • Applying the pattern
  • Editing a pattern fill

Working with and Formatting Text

  • Formatting type in Adobe Illustrator
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Formatting imported type
  • Paragraph and character styles
  • Editing styles
  • Advanced techniques with text
  • Text on Path
  • Text in a shape

Organizing your Illustrator with Layers

  • Getting to know the Layers panel
  • Using layers to organize your illustrations
  • Using the Layers panel to make selections
  • Creating new layers and moving items between layers
  • Paste remembers layers
  • Using Template in Adobe Illustrator

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the course the student will receive our certificate of completion for this training.