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Computer Basics
C Language
C++ Language
Computer Basics
Maintenance of Computers and Laptops (A+)
Microsoft Excel
Java Language
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Access
Adobe Flash
Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Word
IT Security
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Linux Workshop
Quickbooks Pro
Tablet & Smartphone Repair


Computer Basics
Understanding of the organization and the mechanism of computers. How to use the computer basic programs, to add and to remove programs and the understanding of the control panel programs.



Course Duration self-assertion

The time to complete the course will depend on your self-learning ability and your dedication; however, the average duration of this course is 12 hours.

Curriculum Material

The language and the teaching methodology used in this course are curved to the final use, it contains illustrated examples.

Course Topics:

  • Basic concepts
  • Key functions
  • Special characters not available in the keyboard
  • Handling of Archives and Folders
  • Create new folders
  • Organization of the work area
  • Personalizing the work area
  • Control Panel
  • Recycle Bin
  • Creating E-mails
  • Attaching Files to the E-mail
  • Creating CDs with Music and Photos

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the course the student will receive our certificate of completion for this training.